Cast of Characters

The Victims (“No Surrender Crew”)

Jamie (Goldberg) Flanz
Seemed to be only playing outlaw biker. Murdered last so that he would suffer most because he was Jewish.
George (Pony) Jessome
Wanted to be surrounded by friends as he died of cancer. Dry sense of humour. Few, if any, enemies.
George (Crash) Kriarakis
Nice Greek boy and former rugby player from a good family who thought he could clean up the club from the inside. Briefly the Canadian president.
John (Boxer, Prize) Muscedere
Loved to say “top left”, meaning “from the heart.” Became Canadian president of the Bandidos only five years after he became a biker. Even his killers acknowledged he died like a man.
Luis Manny (Chopper) Raposo
Worried that club standards were slipping dangerously. The bullet that killed him tore off his right middle finger, the one he used to diss the world.
Frank (Bam Bam, Bammer) Salerno
Said he’d quit the club as soon as he became a father, but stayed on and was murdered. Toronto president of the No Surrender Crew.
Paul (Big Paulie) Sinopoli
Unable to talk his way out of attending fatal meeting.
Michael (Little Mikey) Trotta
Barely got into the club before he was killed for being a member.

Killers and Guards

Marcelo (Fat Ass) Aravena
Mixed martial artist and pro boxer, with a habit of taking nasty beatings.
Brett (Bull, Beau) Gardiner
Youngest of the Winnipeg squad. Tried to use a stupidity defense and failed. Didn’t shoot anyone the night of the massacre.
Sold out his clubmates for his freedom. Living now under a new name.
Wayne (Weiner, W) Kellestine
Hillbilly biker who loves Nazism and himself (not in that order). Signed his name with lightning bolts, to announce he was a killer.
Frank Mather
Loyal to a fault. Was at Kellestine’s farm at the time of the murders because he needed a place to stay. Habitual criminal but not a gunman.
Dwight (D, Big Dee) Mushey
Didn’t realize his leader Michael (Taz) Sandham was a liar until it was too late. A polite but frightening man.
Michael (Taz, Tazman, Little Beaker) Sandham
Ex theology student, soldier, cop, outlaw biker, pretend martial artist, habitual liar, killer and inmate.

Assorted Other Bandidos

Jason Addison
Longtime President of the Bandidos in Australia.
Glenn (Wrongway) Atkinson
Former national secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Bandidos. Maintained good relations with Americans in Bandido “Mother Chapter” in Texas until leaving.
Carleton (Pervert) Bare
National secretary of the Bandidos in Texas, who shuddered at in-fighting of Canadian Bandidos.
Frank (Cisco) Lenti
Former member of No Surrender Crew who wasn’t a member at the time of the slaughter.
Jeffery Pike
Texas-based El Presidente of the Bandidos.
Bill (Bandido Bill) Sartelle
El Secretario of the Bandidos worldwide.
George Wegers
Washington State former Bandido Presidente.

Lawyers, Judges and Police

Detective Inspector P.A. (Paul) Beesley
Senior Ontario Provincial Police homicide investigator, given the job of investigating the Shedden Massacre.
Detective Sergeant Mick Bickerton
Ace interviewer for the Ontario Provincial Police.
Tony Bryant
High-profile Toronto criminal lawyer whose former clients included schoolgirl sex killer Paul Bernardo.
Don Crawford
Longtime southwestern Ontario lawyer who represented Michael (Taz) Sandham.
Heather Carpenter, Gordon Cudmore
Other members of the defense team for Michael Sandham, the George Costanza of the outlaw biker world.
Louie Genova
Lawyer for Toronto-area biker Frank (Cisco) Lenti.
Kevin Gowdey
Unflappable head of the prosecution team in the Bandido mass-murder trial.
Mr. Justice Thomas Heeney
Superior Court judge who oversaw the trial of eight Bandidos in London, Ontario, in 2009, a task much harder than herding cats uphill.
Fraser Kelly
Crown in the Bandido mass-murder trial. Encyclopedic and quick mind.
Detective Sergeant Mark Loader and Detective Constable Jeff Gateman
Members of the Ontario Provincial Police Biker Enforcement Unit, who spent much time with police agent M.H.
Detective Inspector Ian Maule
In charge of massive forensic file for mass murder mega-trial.
Clay Powell
Lawyer for accused killer Wayne (Weiner) Kellestine, and former top prosecutor who put hockey mogul Harold Ballard of the Toronto Maple Leafs behind bars for fraud. As a defence lawyer, he kept Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones out of prison after the guitarist’s heroin bust.
Peter Westgate
Senior Crown attorney in Newmarket, Ontario, who prosecuted Frank (Cisco) Lenti for second-degree murder in the shooting of Hells Angel David (Dred) Buchanan of the West Toronto chapter.