Other Writing

Praise for Unrepentant: the Strange and (sometimes) Terrible Life of Lorne Campbell, Satan’s Choice and Hells Angels Biker, which is published in the United Kingdom as Satan’s Choice: My Life as a Hard Core Biker with Satan’s Choice and Hells Angels

“The amazingly self-revelatory and often darkly humorous, portrait of a Canadian underground legend – by turns perverse, hilarious, terrible, sad and intensely human. I was sorry when Unrepentant ended. This book rings true.”

- Mick Lowe, award-winning author of Conspiracy of Brothers

“Written with dark humour and raw honesty, and filled with unforgettable characters living life on their own terms, Satan’s Choice is a unique insight into an outlaw world seen through the eyes of one proud and unrepentant biker.”

- The Queensland Times, Australia


Praise for One Dead Indian: The Premier, The Police and the Ipperwash Crisis

One Dead Indian is a very important book. If you care about democracy, and the separation of government and police, this is a must read… Edwards (is) a journalist’s journalist.”
–Laura Robinson, Globe and Mail

“(One Dead Indian) could become the catalyst needed to force the Harris government to call a judicial inquiry into the intolerable silence and obfuscation surrounding Ipperwash.”
Globe and Mail editorial

“… scathing indictment of police brutality and political deception over the killing of unarmed Dudley George… One Dead Indian is a very impressive feat of investigative journalism.”
–James Cullingham, Toronto Star

“I’ve just finished reading Star reporter Peter Edwards’ gripping book on the case – One Dead Indian: The Premier, the Police, and the Ipperwash Crisis. Hours after I finished underlining, while the pages sprouted a bristling border of yellow sticky notes, my heart is still pumping with sorrowing outrage.”
– Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star

“… excellent book… This is a compelling, well-researched and important book which I would highly urge you to read.”
–Evan Solomon, CBC television’s ‘Hot Type’

“Edwards’ book is clearly written and well-researched. He has reconstructed with care a complex problem. For those concerned with social justice, this book is sometimes difficult to digest.”
–Daniel McIntosh, National Post

“We’re impressed by the quality and depth of Edwards’ research. It is a thorough and important book.”
Windspeaker, Canada’s National Aboriginal News


Praise for Delusion: The True Story of Victorian Superspy Henri Le Caron (released in Britain under the title The Infiltrator: Henri Le Caron, the British Spy Inside the Fenian Movement.)

“I applaud Edwards’ skill at weaving a rousing narrative. I congratulate him on creating an entertaining book that reads more like a novel than a work of non-fiction. He successfully brings Henri Le Caron out of the shadows of history so that readers can decide for themselves if he was one of North America’s greatest liars and scoundrels or one of the new Dominion of Canada’s first heroes.”
The Beaver, Aug – Sept 2008

“Peter Edwards is to be commended for bringing the Le Caron story back to life.”
The Globe and Mail, 2 Aug 2008

“Le Caron’s life story reads like a novel: Union soldier, doctor, sometime grave robber, pharmacy owner and family man.”
The Times Literary Supplement, November 7, 2008


Praise for The Infiltrator, Irish version of Delusion, to be published in May by Maverick House.

“Peter Edwards grabs the facts of Irish-American intrigue and
skullduggery and makes from them a first class thriller that is a
masterclass of how to make history relevant and engaging to a modern audience.

“Skilful mastering of primary facts to give a thrilling account of
nation building, centering on the hopes and fecklessness of the
Fenians and Clann na Gael.

“An intriguing look at Irish-American adventuring and ham-fisted
buccaneering from an obtuse American angle, with some enthralling,
spine-chilling revelations that would more likely be found in a
rip-roaring Broadway psycho-musical – definitely a case of stranger
than fiction.

“A quirky, engaging American-skewed glance at the rascalions and
scullduggery behind Fenians and Clann na Gael. You’ll never look at
Irish America the same again. The sculduggery, quixotic schemes and
double-dealing of Parnellite era, Land Reform and Home Rule are
brought to light.

“Irish history told in concise, taught narrative, as insight into the
venality and corruption of Irish-American politics in the 19th
century, as a series of interconnected adventure stories that are all
the more gripping for being true. History that reads like a novel, as
an epic tale, a foundation myth involving boys-own daring-do,
double-dealing, skullduggery, bodysnatching, dynamite plots, adultery and numerous spy-rings.

“In strong clear prose it recounts a series of brave, audacious,
imprudent plots…

“Intriguing revelations into the scheming and behind-the-scenes
shenanigans of the Fenians in cahoots with the President of the United States against Canada.

“Makes history read like a thriller, like a movie screenplay, like a
Boys Own adventure.

“A gripping, day-by-day account of a little known aspect of Irish
history when all focus was on harming Canada to ensure Ireland’s

— Manchán Magan, The Irish Times

“This is history that is as well paced as a novel, despite its depth of research. Edwards is a thought provoking and entertaining guide through the Fenian movement, its attempts to conquer Canada, the spy who helped bring it all down and the fall of Parnell. It raises the question of what the back-story of the recent troubles will reveal. A real page turner of a book.”
Liam Clarke, The Sunday Times.