“Peter Edwards knows how real bad guys eat, sleep, and breathe, and on the page brings them to life — even the dead ones — better than any other true crime writer.”
—Linwood Barclay, international bestselling author

“Riveting, compelling, exciting reading. Peter Edwards is not only one of the finest journalists in Canada, but also a terrific storyteller. A must read.”

—Antonio Nicaso, organized crime expert and author of many book on organized crime.

“Peter Edwards is one of the best crime writers in Canada and our most reliable reporter on organized crime. He is a strong storyteller who has followed outlaw bikers for the last two decades with a lively and direct style.”

—Michel Auger, author of The Biker Who Shot Me: Reflections of a Crime Reporter

“… a gripping and eye-opening account of the rise and fall of the Bandidos in Canada… Peter Edwards’s account is personal, spellbinding, and eye-opening.”

David Newland,

“The book offers a rare glimpse into the often insular biker realm.”

Joe Fantauzzi,

“… takes readers inside the crumbling brotherhood bent on betrayal and self obliteration.”

Canada AM (Shown in Audio/ Video section of website)

“… excellent, fast-reading account.”

Alex Good, Waterloo Region Record, Guelph Mercury


— Jesse Skinner, Toro magazine

“… unravels how it is that eight bikers were killed by their own… make(s) them three-dimensional characters… really erases the line between us and them.”

Rita Celli, CBC Radio’s Ontario Today

“In writing the book, Edwards learned the intimate details of a motorcycle gang often shrouded in secrecy… fasted-paced, engrossing…”

— Erica Bajer, Chatham Daily News

“fully documented… what a read it is… Peter Edwards.. is one of Canada’s best crime writers… a journalistic story teller supreme with a readable but never over the top style, he tells it like it was, complete with club minutes, recorded conversations, court reports and interviews. Totally realistic… Read it at your peril and you won’t put out the light before going to sleep.”

— Andrew Armitage, The Sun Times, Owen Sound

“Edwards probes the mystique and allure of the outlaw biker world with sensitivity and intelligence… He also captures the contradictions and absurdities of a lifestyle that preaches brotherhood, loyalty and love while practising treachery, betrayal and intrigue.”

Paul Legall, The Hamilton Spectator

“This is a straight-up account… Peter Edwards reports it as it happened from the rise of the Bandidos in Canada to the last gunshot. His work is based on countless interviews with the families and friends of the dead and damning evidence presented at the recent trials…”

Bruce Owen, The Winnipeg Free Press

“We here at Tuesday Guide want everyone to pick up The Bandido Massacre.”

Gavin Hughes,  Tuesday Guide

“Making sense of .. evil is something Edwards does extremely well… Edwards is tenacious in his research and has spun a gripping tale… Edwards deftly probes the backgrounds of the outlaw biker gang members… a fascinating glimpse into a ragtag group of misfits…  This hard-to-put-down, must-read book provides a fascinating glimpse into the biker culture and how one sad-sack gang crashed and burned so spectacularly.”

Chip Martin, The London Free Press