May, 2011

Les Hells case collapses

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The case against dozens of Quebec Hells Angels has collapsed due to unreasonable delay, with defense lawyers estimating it could take 10 years to reach the courts. That might seem a stretch, but not all of the Angels charged in the April 2007 raid on the downtown Toronto clubhouse have yet gone to trial.

This is known as an Askov decision, named for the 1990 decision of the Supreme Court of Canada which states that any person charged with an offence has the right to be tried within a reasonable time.

That decision came down in October 1990. One of Elijah Askov’s co-accused in that conspiracy to commit extortion trial was Toronto boxer Eddie (the Hurricane) Melo. Ten years ago, Melo was shot dead in a parking lot outside a cafe called Amici, Italian for “friends.”

Outlaws of fashion

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Some of the hottest outlaw biker wars are fought by copyright lawyers. The Hells Angels fight for their brand as much as any major corporation, with trademark protections on their name and symbols. I find it ironic and a little funny that my story on copyrights and the Hells Angels has been lifted and plunked into pro biker websites.

Meanwhile, Nordic Bandidos are branching out, with the Finnish branch of the club pushing into Estonia. Here in Canada, there’s a much chance of seeing a live brontosaurus as a real-life Bandido.

Marathon biker trial ends

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

It was more than four years ago that the clubhouse of the Downtown Toronto Hells Angels was shut down. The trial of five of those Angels finally ended on Saturday, with none of them convicted of organized crime charges. The jury’s message? There’s a difference between an organized crime group and a group that contains some criminals.

Bureaucrats take aim at Angels’ London strip clubs

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

An interesting legal tussle is shaping up in London, Ont. Bureaucrats are aiming to do what the Bandidos and Outlaws couldn’t manage: strip the Hells Angels of some of their assets. Liquor license officials allege that two strip clubs in the city are the property of the biker club and fronts for laundering crime proceeds. Randy Richmond of The London Free Press did a nice job of framing the story.

Facebook ‘poke’ called Hells Angels threat

Monday, May 9th, 2011

A Facebook ‘poke’ has been likened to a threat in a Hells Angels trial. What’s next? Instead of pulling patches, will bikers ‘unfriend’ former brothers?