September, 2011

Ottawa area Angels raided

Friday, September 30th, 2011

The Eastern Ontario chapter of the Hells Angels has apparently been dismantled.  If the Toronto experience is any example, it’ll drag on for years.

Easy to forget

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

It’s easy for Canadians to forget that there are still Bandidos around the world and that many of those Bandidos are well organized. There’s a saying that the man makes the patch and not vice versa and it certainly makes sense. These European Bandidos seem light years ahead of the Canadian crew that self destructed.

Crime family tradition in Quebec construction

Friday, September 16th, 2011

A leaked report states that there’s widespread corruption in the construction industry in Quebec. The only thing surprisingly about this is that it was leaked. Corruption in Quebec construction is like wetness in the St. Lawrence River: a fact of life for as long as anyone can remember. Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was a lawyer on the Cliche Commission into violence in the construction industry back in the mid-1970s. The mobsters and Hells Angels now pulling in graft from construction aren’t inventing the wheel; they’re carrying on an ignoble tradition. So are the politicians who are denying the problem and/or balking at actually cleaning things up.

On the lam? In a ditch?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Not many folks know the exact location of Omid Bayani, who vanished two days before he was due to be sentenced for conspiring to sell 600 litres of a date rape drug to Toronto Hells Angels. Bayani, who’s a senior figure in the West Coast United Nations gang, moves in the circles where “disappeared” often translates to “murdered.” There’s speculation now that Bayani is alive and well and running from the law.

West Van man vanishes on eve of sentencing

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

The last time Omid Bayani was seen alive was last week, when he was on his way to the gym. Bayani had been due to be sentenced in a couple of days for his role in a drug scheme that involved Ontario Hells Angels. His name is also of note because he’s close to the United Nations gang, which has tried several times to murder rival gang leader Jon Bacon. Someone succeeded in murdering the Kelowna man last month.

There’s a certain irony to Bayani going missing. He was labelled too dangerous to stay in Canada in 1997 and ordered deported in 1999. And yet he managed to stay on, rising in the undersworld.

So what happened to Bayani this time? Did he flee the country, to avoid imprisonment? Or did enemies in the underworld determine he deserved a stiffer sentence than whatever the courts had planned for him?

Whether Bayani fled or was murdered is a mystery. And those who know the answer have good reasons to remain silent.

Obit for Nazi dad of Concrete Dave

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

The obit for the father of former Bandido Concrete Weiche certainly doesn’t apologize for his Nazi past. Indeed, he’s off to see “The Great White Father.” I can almost hear the jackboots clicking.

Ex-Hells Angel ‘Hannibal’ hunted for child support

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Towards the end of The Bandido Massacre, I wrote about Steven (Hannibal) Gault, the former secretary of the Oshawa chapter of the Hells Angels, who made more than $1-million working for the police. Gault got his nickname because of his taste for raw flesh, especially of the human variety. He’s now hiding out from the Hells Angels. He may succeed there, but he has less chance of evading a lawyer for his ex-wife, who’s seeking back child support, as I wrote in today’s Toronto Star.

Nazi father of Ontario Bandido dies

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Not many members of the Ontario Bandidos escaped murder or prison. One who did was Dave (Concrete Dave) Weiche, son of London, Ontario Nazi Martin Weiche. The elder Weiche has just died, and it’ll be interesting if Concrete Dave comes out of the shadows and shows up at the funeral.