Legal little helpers

For all the news about bikers and illegal drugs, it’s interesting that many of them turn to legal prescription ones to take the edge off of life. Boxer Muscedere’s Bandidos called them “groovies” and they were the sort of thing that’s legally prescribed and paid for by public health care. It’s enough to get the Rolling Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper” playing in your brain.

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  1. Eric B says:

    I am now reading your book Mr. Edwards. I grew up with Jamie Flanz in Cote St. Luc Quebec. I remember his first day in public school in Grade 4 and I remember playing softball on his team in 1992.

    I never considered Jamie to be a friend but he was a rare bird in that he could be friendly and well-liked by everyone in school, every clique knew and liked him.

    To this day it blows my mind how a guy like this got involved with Bandidos. The only thing I remember biker about him was a leather hate back in the day and that he used to smoke weed on occasion at softball.

    I am surprised that the bikers who popped pills didint go for harder stuff. Percs are ok for short term pain but all junkies know that Oxy and Morphine is better, lol.

    Enjoyed the book

    Eric B
    Burlington, On

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