Aging godfather killed in his home

You can’t write about the Hells Angels in Quebec – or the Bandidos – without discussing the Mafia family of Nicolo and Vito Rizzuto. Normand Brisebois, one of my sources on the links between the Mafia and outlaw bikers in Quebec, told me he was shocked at the murder this week of Nicolo Rizzuto.

It appears the killer was hiding in the woods behind Rizzuto’s mansion. This death-by-sniper calls to mind how Rocco Violi, the younger brother of Rizzuto’s bitter rival Paolo Violi, was murdered in October 1980.

Clearly the final act in this drama will play out in the summer of 2012, when Nicolo’s son Vito is freed from an American prison. It’s clearly kill or be killed for Vito, who has lost his son and father to gunmen since going to prison.

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