FBI files on Hells Angels opened up

Plenty of material is still blacked out in these previously secret FBI files on the Hells Angels in the U.S. in the 1960s. Still, they’re an interesting snapshot on the decade of love-ins and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations, with intelligence on long-forgotten rumbles like the June 19-20, 1965 Weirs Beach Riot in Laconia, New Hampshire. That report made it to the White House and Army Intelligence, with its conclusion: “No evidence of subversion, radical, radical or criminal elements involved.”

The August 16, 1965 report “RUMBLE TO BUST GUADALUPE RUEL” also fizzled, as the Hells Angels stayed home rather than bust the Mexican national out of jail in Chicago.

Another report, from July 1968, talked of the Hells Angels plotting to start a race riot in Mobile, Ala. Again, the anticipated bust-up was a non-starter.

What’s interesting is what’s not mentioned, like drug trafficking or organized crime. There is a mention of the funeral of James (Mother) Miles in January 1966. It’s interesting how many bikers are named “Mom.” And the name seems to be reserved for the really tough ones, who you’d never call a Momma’s boy.

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