‘Mascot’ saves lives: reader email

Here’s a fascinating email from a reader, Greyson Knapp:

“Interesting story  As a 16 year old kids kid,  I had already been burned over 60% of my body from a motorcycle accident. I was befriended by a group of bandits here in Houston as I often went to their cycle shop for parts. A major disagreement broke out between the club owners of the shop. Thi s bleed over into the girls they ran and the junk they sold. they all looked at me as a harmless (and pittiful) “mascot” All ~125lbs of bravely-stupid me hobbled around between the two feuding groups of brothers and managed to negotiate peace. Some of the weirdest trade deals came out of it but I would rather not get into that.  I’ve done a lot of things in my long life but I think this one incident may have had the greatest impact. I guarantee there were at least 6 set to die.”

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