Thanks to a smart reader

An astute reader just told me that we should look to the West Coast for answers to the current Winnipeg biker war. Not everything comes from Quebec, and Winnipeg is mid-way between B.C. and Quebec.

In particular, the reader advised me to look at the history of the Game Tight Soldiers. They have no public presence in Ontario, but apparently are in tight with the new Rock Machine in Winnipeg, making the war personal. Their founder is Steven King, a Barrie, Ontario resident who moved west. Here’s film of him being kicked out of B.C. for Barrie by the Mounties in 2008.

The smart reader advises me that the Game Tight Soldiers were initially rivals of the HA in B.C., but in  2010 they were patched over to the Renegades, a Hells Angels’ support club there. Those who didn’t patch over, went to Winnipeg. It’s only common sense that they couldn’t take on the Hells Angels in B.C., but Winnipeg is up for grabs since the top Hells Angels there are behind bars. Once in Winnipeg, they joined/took over the new Rock Machine.

All this means that the tensions in Winnipeg at the moment are both business and personal, so don’t expect a quick resolution.

On a more trivial note, I there are plenty of nasty nicknames for the club that would put them in a fighting mood, I’m sure. Apparently their name comes from gangster-talk, meaning they are soldiers and their game is tight.

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